Colorful® iGame GTX 1660 Ti Ultra 6GB GDDR6 192Bit 1770-1845MHz 12Gbps Gaming Video Graphics Card

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Brand Colorful® iGame Geforce GTX 1660 Ti Ultra 6G
Chipset GPU Code Name TU116
Manufacturing Process 12nm
CUDA Cores 1536
Core Clocks Core Clock 1500/(BST:1770)MHz
One-key Overclock 1500/(BST:1845)MHz
Memory Specs Memory Clock 12Gbps
Memory Config 6GB
Memory Interface GDDR6
Memory Interface Width 192Bit
Display and Connectors Video Outout 1 * DVI,
1 * HDMI
1 * DP
PCI Express PCI-E X16 3.0
Thermal and Power Specs Power Connectors
Cooling Type Triple Cooling Fans
2 * 9cm Fan
1 * 8cm Fan
Fan Power Connector 4 Pin, PWM
3D API DirectX Direct X 12.1
OpenGL OpenGL 4.5
Others Recommended Power 450W and above
Dimensions 310*126*42mm